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Dental Crown Seattle, WA

Dental Crown being installed in Seattle, WAWhen a tooth is significantly weakened from decay, fractures, or infection it may be suggested by one of our dentists at Crown Hill Smiles, that a crown (or cap) is needed to protect the compromised tooth structure. A crown completely encases the tooth in a hard tooth-shaped shell, extending the life of your tooth significantly. Working like a shield, dental crowns restore your tooth to its original size, shape and function.

How are dental crowns placed?

In order to place a dental crown, one of our dentists will first need to remove any existing decay or infection. Then, the tooth is trimmed down on all sides in order to provide the room necessary for the crown. A temporary crown will be placed while the final crown is being created in the laboratory. Once the permanent crown is ready, we will cement it into place - now your tooth is encased in a strong, hard, and durable cover. Your new crown will look and feel like a healthy tooth, and protect your underlying natural tooth from further damage.

What material will my crown be made of?

There are a variety of materials used to make dental crowns, each having their own unique benefits. We can help you decide which material is best for your needs. In general, dental crowns are available in metal or ceramic materials. At Crown Hill Smiles, we generally use one of the three following materials for dental crowns:
•  crowns made of all metal, typically full-gold crowns
•  crowns made of porcelain on the outside with a hidden metal substructure - these crowns offer both strength and esthetic
•  crowns made of all-porcelain or ceramic material - these crowns are highly esthetic and range in strength - be sure to ask about Leucite and Zirconium

Each material has advantages and disadvantages that a member of our team will discuss with you. Together, you can determine which material is appropriate for your situation.

For more information on dental crowns, contact Crown Hill Smiles at our Seattle, WA office at: (206) 204-9623
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