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Protocols of the Clinical Team

•  We will continue to adhere to OSHA standard precautions in treatment areas, but with greater attention to detail and ensure that procedures are followed consistently and correctly.

Hand Hygiene is performed by our staff
•  Before and after all patient contact or contact with potentially infectious material
•  Before putting on and after removing personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves
•  Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an approved alcohol-based hand rub.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
•  Inventory of face masks, gloves, caps, eye protection, face shields, and gowns will be taken daily to ensure adequate PPE is available to all team members.
•  Masks are one-time use and will be replaced if soiled.
•  N95 respirators or the equivalent will be used if available (instead of a surgical mask) when performing an aerosol-generating procedure.

Eye Protection
•  Put on eye protection (i.e. goggles or a disposable face shield that covers the front and sides of the face) upon entry to the patient room or care area.
•  Remove eye protection before leaving the patient room or care area.
•  Reusable eye protection (i.e. goggles) must be cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturer's reprocessing instructions prior to re-use.
•  Disposable eye protection should be discarded after use.

•  Wash or sanitize hands, put on clean nitrile gloves upon entry into the patient room.
•  Change gloves if they become torn or heavily contaminated.
•  Remove or discard gloves when leaving the patient room and immediately perform hand hygiene.

•  Washable knee-length gowns will be provided to all clinical staff.
•  Change the gown if it becomes soiled. Remove and discard the gown in a dedicated container for soiled linens. Cloth gowns will be laundered after each use.

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