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Dental Bridge Seattle, WA

3D rendering of dental bridges in Seattle, WASpaces or gaps due to missing teeth can be filled with one or more false teeth that are bridged between two healthy teeth. To create this bridge, one of our dentists will prepare the teeth on each side of the space and then take an impression. The bridge is designed to fit over the prepared "abutment" teeth, and has a fake tooth soldered in between creating one solid unit of teeth that 'bridge' the gap.

Dental Bridges are recommended to:
•  Fill gaps for chewing and appearance
•  Prevent teeth from shifting
•  Prevent your bite from collapsing
•  Correct any speech issues due to missing teeth

Why You Should Get a Bridge

Losing teeth can be tough. It can cause a lot of problems that are guaranteed to compound over time. When you lose a tooth, you should consider replacing it right away so that you can avoid the costly ramifications that can arise by allowing that space in your gums to remain unfilled.

As mentioned in the list above, bridges can help to prevent your teeth from shifting about freely within your mouth. Many believe that teeth are fixed in a permanent position in your mouth. In reality, your teeth are able to shift about within their sockets quite a bit. The neighboring teeth around them prevent them from moving so far that your bite ends up changing. If you lose a tooth and do not replace it, the neighboring teeth can move enough that the teeth on the opposing jaw do not match up with them anymore - this is one of the biggest causes of tooth damage and jaw ache (TMJ).

When a tooth is quickly replaced with a bridge, the bite is preserved and costly issues are often avoided completely.

Bridges are Made of Various Materials

Like all popular dental restorations, bridges are made from a wide variety of materials, all with their own unique strengths and qualities. The most popular materials are those that mimic the look of teeth most closely. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) is one option that is not only common, but looks like a real tooth. Depending on the teeth that are being replaced, PFM bridges can be a long lasting solution to your tooth loss issue.

The other material that is commonly used to craft bridges and similar dental appliances is ceramic, like zirconia. Zirconia has a very high durability and is able to mimic the esthetic of teeth very closely, providing the perfect tooth substitute. Some less common materials that are used to craft bridges are gold and metal.

Dental bridges are fixed restorations, meaning they are permanently cemented in place. Our dentists at Crown Hill Smiles will discuss with you the all treatment options for replacing missing teeth, along with the pros and cons. Together we will determine which option will best meet your dental and financial goals.

For more information on dental bridges, contact Crown Hill Smiles at our Seattle, WA office: 206-204-9623.
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Dental Bridge | Crown Hill Smiles | Seattle, WA
Dental bridges are fixed restorations, meaning they are permanently cemented in place. Our dentists at Crown Hill Smiles will discuss with you the all treatment options.
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