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Dental Exams Seattle, WA

Patient getting a dental examDental exams are part of your regular cleaning appointment. Exams help our dentists, Dr. O'connor and Dr. Walker to spot dental issues before they become serious and/or painful.

At Crown Hill Smiles, we emphasize prevention. Routine exams and cleanings are the first step in preventing the development of dental disease. By catching things early and identifying conditions that could become problems in the future we can best manage your oral health and save you a lot of time and money.

During your exam, one of our dentists will evaluate your mouth for:
•  tooth decay
•  signs of gum disease such as irritated, red gums that bleed easily
•  any changes in pocket depth of your gums, a depth greater than 3 mm may be a sign of gum disease
•  issues visible on dental x-rays that cannot be seen on visual examination such as dental infections, cysts, tumors
•  soft tissue sores and lesions
•  signs indicating possible oral cancer

Keeping consistent with these bi-annual appointments is especially important for your oral health. Comparing current findings to those noted at previous visits allows us to track changes and determine when intervention is needed. Shifting teeth, receding gums, bite issues, and other conditions can start small but progress into serious issues. We want to be aware of oral changes as they occur.

Do you have questions about your dental exams and what to expect? Contact our Seattle office at: 206-204-9623.
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Dental Exams | Crown Hill Dental Care | Seattle, WA
At Crown Hill Dental Care in Seattle, WA, we offer dental exams for our patients and their done by highly trained professionals who tailor each service to each patient.
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