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Dentistry for Kids
Seattle, WA

Group of kids smiling after a visit to Crown Hill Smiles, in Seattle, WAAt Crown Hill Smiles we believe dentistry for kids is an important part of our dental practice. We care for all aspects of your children’s teeth - from preventative care and dental exams, to restorative services. Tooth staining, especially in children, is one of the specific issues we treat and address.

Reasons Behind Tooth Discoloration in Children

Several reasons may cause tooth discoloration in children such as the consumption of fluoride which contains an essential mineral that helps in reducing tooth decay as well as strengthening tooth enamel. Fluoride is usually found in a variety of natural ingredients such as food and drinks. This natural fluoride may be too much for infants and young children.

Another reason is not brushing teeth properly. Inefficient brushing is a major cause of tooth discoloration in children as bacteria accumulate quickly leading to stains. Plaque is formed when stains from drinks and food accumulate and develop into a hardened layer that is mainly brown or yellow. At you will learn more about fluoride and children.

Diet for Children

Your children’s diet can also contribute to tooth staining. A lot of beverages containing acid or foods that are consumed frequently and contain high sugar possess a greater threat of developing tooth stains. This acid wears out the tooth enamel which may result in the yellowing of teeth. Foods and drinks containing high sugar contents carry the greatest risk of developing tooth decay which also changes the color of the tooth.

How to Safely Remove Tooth Stains in Children

Once you spot tooth stains on your children's teeth, the first thing you should do is book an appointment with one of our dentists to determine whether there are any serious threats, and the cause of the tooth stains. Our dentists advise against using whitening products and whitening treatments until the children's permanent teeth have grown in.

Techniques to Prevent Tooth Stains in Children

Several ways can be adopted by parents to help prevent tooth stains in children which include prioritizing the child's oral hygiene. This is accomplished by ensuring your child brushes their teeth every day which prevents the accumulation of food materials and drinks from forming plaque. Parents should encourage their children to brush their teeth within one hour of eating or drinking high contents of acids and sugar. Parents should encourage their children to eat healthy by providing a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat. Hard crunchy fruits and vegetables help in scrubbing the teeth surface while consuming them. Parents should limit their children to how much food and drinks contain high sugar content and acid. These foods can damage the enamel and weaken the teeth.

Our Practice

Our dental team is aimed at giving you and your children a pleasant experience while you are here. Our dentists ensure we offer the best treatment options available. We use the lap-to-lap technique to help children relax while they are here. During their visit, the child is placed on the lap of the parent as the dentist performs the examination or any other procedure. If your child has tooth discoloration or is in need of a routine dental exam, visit us at for customized care and pediatric care. You can book an appointment by calling us for more information.
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Dentistry for Kids | Crown Hill Smiles | Seattle, WA
At Crown Hill Smiles we believe dentistry for kids is an important part of our dental practice. You can book an appointment by calling us for more information.
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