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Fluoride Treatment Seattle, WA

Bright smile thanks to fluoride treatmentsFluoride is one of the best and least costly measures for preventing tooth decay, and the national incidence of tooth decay has been in decline since the decision to fluoridate drinking water. Seattle water is fluoridated, but other municipalities may not be. You can check if your water is fluoridated by visiting the CDC's My Water's Fluoride. The reason tooth decay continues to be a problem is because of the modern diet, which is packed with sugar.

How does fluoride work?

•  On a microscopic level, enamel that has been attacked by cavity-causing bacteria becomes porous. Calcium and phosphate are leached out of the mineralized structure, resulting in a weak spot. The fluoride ion is naturally soaked up by these weakened areas and will both reinforce the enamel and make it more resistant to tooth decay.
•  The safety of fluoride used topically and at levels indicated in dentistry is substantially supported in scientific literature. There is no substantiated evidence in the literature that fluoride used at these levels has any negative health effects.
•  Other applications of fluoride include treating root sensitivity.

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