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Tooth-colored Fillings and Dental Bonding Seattle, WA

Women smiling after Dental Bonding in Seattle, Washington with Crown Hill Smiles

How Does It Work?

Dental composite relies on a bonding agent to adhere it to the tooth surface. To increase the adherence, we will roughen the area of the tooth we are bonding to. Once the bonding agent has been applied, we adapt and sculpt the composite to match the natural shape and contour of your tooth. A UV light is used to harden the material.

What Is the Composite Material Made Of?

Composite is a mixture of particulate glass, plastic, and resin. The glass imparts optical properties similar to enamel. The plastic and resin create a durable restoration that can withstand the forces of chewing. Because it is a bonded restorative material, composite allows us to do a more conservative preparation of the tooth, as opposed to an amalgam (metal) filling which requires more aggressive tooth preparation.
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