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Dental Implant Services

Dental Implant diagram in Seattle WAA dental implant is a medical prosthesis used to replace a missing tooth. A titanium post is placed in the jaw bone, where it “osseointegrates” (fuses) with the surrounding bone. Once this fusion is complete, the implant can be restored with an implant crown (permanent prosthetic tooth).

Implants have a very low failure rate and are the preferred way of replacing a single missing tooth. They most simulate having a natural tooth. You can chew normally with them and clean around them just like your other teeth.

Placement of the implant is a surgical procedure that requires special training. We refer our patients to our trusted oral and periodontal surgeons for implant surgery. Once the implant has healed, our dentists will make an implant crown to fit your implant and blend with the rest of your teeth.
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